Carbon Facials Perth Photo

What is a carbon facial?

The carbon facial is an innovative laser treatment that uses light beams to treat skin imperfections, it works to restore skin balance and promotes a fresh and even glow. It is a quick and easy treatment that smooths and brightens the skin, purifies and tightens enlarged pores, reduces breakouts and signs of ageing. A quick 30 minutes is all it will take!

During the treatment we will apply a layer of carbon to the skin's targeted surface. Once this is evenly distributed, a focused light beam will be used on the targeted area. The carbon particles absorb the light before a vacuum suction gently removes them, along with damaged cells found in the upper layers of the skin.

The number of necessary treatments are dependent on each individual, so please book in with us for your free consult to get you on the track to a healthy looking complexion.

Treatments starting at just $299!

For further information, prices or queries, please contact us for your personalised quote.